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{Thursday, July 29, 2004}

Las Vegas or Bust!

Tonight I leave for a drive to Las Vegas.  I am leaving at 10:00 at night and embarking on a 12 hour drive.  I am leaving late at night, so that I can drive while that Blazing Hot sun is on the other side of the planet.  It has regularly been 99 degrees or above around here, and I don’t really want to drive in that through the Nevada desert.

I am going on the drive with my fiancé and I hope we still love each other by the time we get back.  This will be the first 12 hour drive with just the 2 of us we have ever done, although I am not sure how many 12 hour drives are required to pass the prerequisites to getting married.  Hopefully it is only one.

Of course to stay awake while driving we have all kinds of caffeinated beverages, so I am pretty sure we will be stopping roughly every 50’ to go pee.  So our 12 hour trip will be 12 hours of actual driving, separated by 15 hours of potty breaks.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that it will be Guinevere requiring all those stops, but between us both I think there will be quite a few.

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{Monday, July 26, 2004}

Stir that Bees Nest
Have you ever had the desire to throw a rock at a Bees Hive and run away just to watch the confused bees swarm around?  Or is that just me?

Anyway I inadvertently did a similar thing in my company today, and when looked at from the outside it appears as though I ran into the sales department stirred up all kinds of controversy and then ran away laughing.

That isn’t exactly what happened and I had fully intended from the start to see the thing through but, ok, I will admit that maybe I shouldn’t have started laughing as I was walking away from the issue.  That incident aside though, I think I was justified in my intent, I was just not prepared for the hailstorm of emotion that I was about to stir up.  And once it got to that point I couldn’t come up with a better option than retreat, well at least not a better option that wouldn’t send me to jail.

Now I am silently waiting for the department to collectively calm down, and then I might build up the courage to go attempt to get my answer from them.  Of course it might just be like throwing pebbles at an already angry animal.

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