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{Tuesday, June 15, 2004}

The Destruction has Begun

So I haven’t updated in a little while. Well my life has been a little busy and I didn’t have the time, but an interesting situation occurred a week or so ago that I wanted to post.

So I am engaged to this beautiful and kind woman, and she is so kind that she allowed me to borrow her car while mine was in the shop getting new brakes put on. Wasn’t that nice of her? I thought it was so nice that I figured I would repay the kindness by breaking her engine. That’s right the morning I drove her car to work I seized the engine! Locked it up tight, and it just wouldn’t start again. After towing the car all over town (a different story) we finally are having the engine replaced completely, and she still doesn’t have her car back.

So for borrowing her car for 1 day, I have kept it from her for more than a week, and cost her a lot of money. Don’t I feel like a Jack Ass!

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