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{Thursday, January 29, 2004}

More Stupid People with Stupid Lawsuits

Man Threatening to Sue Cable company

I swear we need to clorinate this gene pool.
posted by Jason 9:24 AM |

{Wednesday, January 28, 2004}

Must be a slow News day at cnn.com

CNN is my home page when I open my browser at work, and today here is an exact quote of one of the "Front Page" highly important Premium service news related links:

"'Whiplash' the cowboy monkey rides a border collie" Watch Video

Yes that's right, for $9.95 a month, you can watch such world changing News as it is happening around the world, like watching a Monkey ride a Dog. Is this really what the type of people that read cnn.com are really looking for from a news site?
posted by Jason 2:57 PM |
Back from Vacation.

OK I really haven’t been on vacation this long, but ever since my vacation back in December my life has been very busy, so Blogging kinda fell to the side. My apologies. Now that things have kind o settled down around here I hope to get back to making at least a few updates per week.

Some of the things I have been up to: Well definitely the most important is I met the most wonderful woman in my life, and we have been spending quite a bit of time together. She has been consuming most of my idle thoughts as of late, and it has made me less likely to spend idle time writing here. I hope to at least make some time to make updates around here. Other than that, I made a trip for New Years that was lots of fun, and spent quite a bit of time with family around the holidays.

I will be making at least one more update to the page later today. Look forward to it.

posted by Jason 2:52 PM |