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{Friday, August 20, 2004}

What the?!?!?

So I am browsing around CNN.com today and there are banner ads on the page. This is normal. I have seen all kinds of ads of all different shapes sizes and content. But most of the times these things are recognizable as something. I have seen boxing kangaroos, flying saucers, Trees, falling Money, and all sorts of other things. But this one I am not so sure about:

It was for mortgage rates, and these apples with “rates” on them supposedly “falling” from the top of the picture, and just before they would fall this large yellow thing would convulse and gyrate until all the “rates” had fallen.

Is it a sex toy? Maybe a large deformed yellow apple tree? I think (and this is really a stretch) that they where going for a banana wearing a fruit hat like the old commercials with the chakita (sp?) banana woman, and the apples are falling from her hat, but is that really what you see? What marketing genius came up with this gyrating sexually suggestive yellow blob wearing a skirt? Whoever it was should be placed in that skirt, and stuck in an internet video like the Star Wars kid!

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{Tuesday, August 17, 2004}

Green Spree

Ok so Taco Bell is running this new promotion for Mountain Dew, and they have an “Exclusive” flavor of Mt Dew to serve to us regular Taco Bell goers. Well me being an avid Dew drinker (Everyday) I thought I would give this latest flavor a try. I have tried the other Dew flavors and here is my Rundown assuming Regular Mt Dew is Grade A:

Code Red – Interesting, but don’t really like. Tastes like they added Fruit Punch to Mt Dew and then upped the Caffeine to make up for the difference. Overall Grade C

Live Wire – I actually really like this flavor of Dew. It reminds me of carbonated Tang. It makes for a good soda to drink right out of Bed. (If your into that sort of thing.) Overall Grade B+

New Flavor “Baja Blast” – I don’t like this one. It tasted like a liquid Green Spree Candy. You know those little round candies sold in rolls as “Sweet and Tangy” or something like that. Well this tastes just like they meant to make a green one but it never solidified. Way too over powering for a soda, and way too sweet. Overall Grade D

Along this topic though, Does Pepsi really gain any customers by offering these odd flavor versions of their Mt Dew Line? Of all the people I know only those that drink Dew on a regular basis ever really even try the new flavors. And in my mind there isn’t really a competitor with similar flavors out there that they might be trying to lure, except for maybe Orange Crush Soda drinkers, but really how many of those people are out there?

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