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{Thursday, March 06, 2003}

New Home.

Well I found me a house to buy. I have been looking actively for the last few months to try and find a home to buy and move into so that I am not renting any more. I finally found such a place, and the current owners accepted my offer, and I am now going through the process of getting everything settled, so I might be able to move in this month. The new place is much bigger than my current location, by about 700 SqFt. 3 bedroom 2 bath, all mine.

When I started looking for a place I wasn’t looking for such a huge place for myself, but after talking to a real-estate agent, I was informed nothing less than 3 bedroom homes sell very often, so look for 3 bedrooms or greater. “Gee I wonder why 2 bedrooms don’t sell.” Here is a completely hypothetical situation:

“Hi I am looking for a two bedroom house to buy.”
“No you’re not, you are looking for a 3 bedroom home.”
“No a 2 Bedroom, I am a single guy, moving out of a Studio apartment, have no furniture, family, or pets, a two bedroom will do fine.”
“Ok, I got it, a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. Ok I’ll give you a call when something comes up.”

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New direction.

OK I know the old site stopped getting updated for a while there, but I am hopefully back up and opperating.
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