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{Thursday, April 25, 2002}

Beating down the IQ.

I have found out why some people just aren’t as bright as you know they should be. I made this discovery last night when I was awoke at 2:30 a.m. by the strangest noise.

Bong . . . . . . . Bong . . . . . . .Bong . . . . . And so on for about 10 minutes, until I could stand no more, and got up to look into this puzzle. After tracking the sound to Zakk’s room I made this realization.

“The IQ of these people was beat out of them as children.”

Now this isn’t what you are thinking, I am not referring to the beating of these children by others, but by themselves. To my astonishment Zakk was not awake, nor aware that I had come into the room. There he was curled up in a fetal position except upright on his hands and knees. Banging his head into the side of his crib! Now he wasn’t hitting the sides very hard, but after a few time of that you would think his head would hurt, and wake him up. Nope. He just kept banging his head into the crib.

I had to stop the noise so I went ahead and rolled him over and covered him up again, at which point he woke up with a really confused look on his face. I could not believe that a child could do that to himself and not wake up. And I can’t believe that this didn’t cause some negative affects on his poor brain.

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