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{Thursday, March 07, 2002}

The Big 2.

Today is Zakks 2nd birthday!

I am waiting on the edge of my seat for him to transform into . . . . “The Terrible Two’s.” I am pretty sure this is an instantaneous transformation that all of a sudden makes children Really bad.

I will keep you posted.

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{Monday, March 04, 2002}

Little Helper?

I decided I would actually vacuum my living room this weekend, even as futile as it is. So I break out the vacuum uncoil the cord, and get ready to start. Zakk decided this was a great thing, and that he wanted to help.

He did not let go of the vacuum the entire time I was using it. Even after falling over twice, completely loosing interest, and trying to play with a toy, he still held on.

This wasn’t working so well.

Halfway through he lost complete interest in actually paying attention to the vacuum, but refused to let go. So I am trying to move it around the hallway, and he is looking over his shoulder at something in the kitchen, I almost ran him over once when he kept walking forward after I had changed directions, and was pulling the vacuum backwards. His hand never left the handle so was being pulled backward, but his feet were still moving him forward. At about a 45 degree angle he realized his situation and tried to correct without falling over, which consisted of picking his feet up off the ground so that they would swing back underneath him.

I commend him on his basic understanding of gravity. But only partially, since he hadn’t quite gripped the handle strong enough to over come gravity on the upper part of his body. Thus resulting in him falling flat on his back, and almost getting run over.

Even after that trauma he still insisted on helping making a 15 minute chore take over 30 minutes.

So not only do kids make a huge mess that you have to cleanup, they also make cleaning it up take twice the time it should.

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{Friday, March 01, 2002}

Drowning in kisses.

My sister has started a new bedtime tradition for Zakk. Give Uncle Jason a kiss goodnight.

This isn’t so bad, but the kid drools like a water faucet, due to teething or something. And, he hasn’t exactly mastered the art of puckering. So his kiss ends up being . . . an open mouth drooling like mad, leaning ever closer to you.

Not exactly a sight that makes you want to give it a kiss. I have learned to aim for the cheek, but he has caught on, and every once and a while turns at the last minute, and I get slimed.

He always thinks this is very ammusing.

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